Malaysian youths are the most bored people in the world

malaysia boring people

A recent study by MTV Asia called “Break Boring, Ignite Passion” revealed that Malaysian youths are the most bored in the world. 

The study was conducted among 12 to 24 years old and among 26 countries, youths in Malaysia recorded the highest level of boredom at 83% followed by the United Kingdom (79%), Brazil (79%), Singapore (78%) and Sweden (77%).

With the average teenager in markets now owning up to six connected devices, MTV’s study suggests that being able to choose from a much wider array of content and social media choices and overwhelming access to information they provide, may actually be fuelling boredom in addition to alleviating it.

A total of 40% of those surveyed said mindlessly browsing the Internet was one of the most boring activities they undertook, more so than school (39%) and work (33%).

Least bored youth reside in countries such as Russia (56%), Belgium (55%), Indonesia (53%), Hungary (52%) and the Netherlands (49%). All 26 countries surveyed reported a healthy dose of boredom, with only the Netherlands falling below 50%.

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