Malaysian students nowadays…

malaysian students

For those who probably are not aware, I’m teaching architecture at a local public university. It is the oldest and biggest school of architrcture in Malaysia. Have been teaching since 2001.

Lately i’ve been seeing more and more behaviours amongst students that we dont often encounter before. And it’s getting annoying.

1. Students think they are entitled to everything – they tend to be very demanding and kept harping on the fact that they paid RM800 of fees each semester they feel they are entitled to abuse service and support staffs. Some are borderline kurang ajar.

2. They demand everything but unwilling to give anything – similarly to the above, they demand a copy of the slides. But when they didnt get it, they take it to FB and rant.

post them on facebook

3. Assignment/projects are not a checklist job – this is the most annoying thing. During projects, they’ll be given a task, usually involving problem solving and critical thinking. They need to acquire knowledge from sources THEN solve the problem. But most just comply to the base requirements then ask “I’ve done everything you said, why can’t get an A?”

4. No sense of responsibility and ownership – usually when doing projects, they have to ask opinions from 3-4 other lecturers. When argued, they always say “because lecturer X say so”, or “lecturer Y said do like this”. Come on, grow a spine laa! You choose to do it that way, man up and argue appropriately!


5. No respect of those who have walked the talk – they think they’re the big boss in the world and elders are required to follow what they need. If not, the elders will be set aside and disrespected, despite knowing he had way more experience in practice than any of them combined.

6. Can’t differentiate between whining and constructive criticism – they whine whine and whine. When confronted, they said it’s constructive criticism. Er hello? Criticism has something we can work on to improve. Whining on FB on how you cant find a car park at the faculty doesn’t help at all.

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