Malaysian Sex Bloggers Alvin and Vivian Breaks Up


Malaysian sex bloggers couple Alvivi seems to be heading to like what it seems a break up from what their latest status update on their Facebook.

The couple, Alvin Tan, 25, and Vivian Lee, 24, who are facing trial over an offensive Ramadan greeting,  had on New Year posted: “Alvivi is going to split soon. Thanks for following us but this is the end. #ThatsIt.”


Alvin Tan found out that Vivian Lee had cheated on him with another man. 

He said “just about to throw in the towel because this had been happening again and again and again”.

“Even ‘non-exclusivity’ has degrees. If hanky-panky happened, disclosure is necessary.”

Tan had also uploaded a photograph of a man – implying that this was Lee’s other partner – and claimed that he had found someone new.


He also wrote posting a photo of himself with a woman called Jane Tai, a lawyer who he described as was ”amazing”. 

In his personal Facebook page, he denied that Lee was ever his girlfriend.


On 31 December, Vivian Lee had apologised to Alvin Tan on her Facebook page and pleaded for him to take her back.

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