Malaysian petrol price VS other petrol producers in the world

malaysian petrol price vs other country
We produce our own oil and we are one of the largest oil and gas producers in the world but for some reasons, our petrol price is pretty high compared to other countries that produces petrol.
At the moment, Malaysian RON95 is currently priced at RM2.30 per liter. Now lets see what other oil producers charge their citizens.

1. Venezuela – RM0.38 per liter


2. Egypt – RM0.43 per liter

3. Saudi Arabia – RM0.48 per liter


4. Qatar – RM0.57 per liter

5. Bahrain – RM0.72 per liter


6. Libya – RM0.72 per liter

7. Turkmenistan – RM0.81 per liter


8. Kuwait – RM0.81 per liter

9. Algeria – RM0.81 per liter


10. Iran – RM1.00 per liter

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