Malaysian motorist will soon need to pay more to enter Singapore

malaysians need to pay more to enter singapore with private cars

Currently Malaysians would only need to pay SGD20 whenever they enter Singapore with Malaysian registered private vehicles. This payment is called the VEP or also known as the Vehicle Entry Permit.

Well, the Singaporean government recently announced that from the 1st August 2014 onwards, the VEP will be SGD35 per day which is SGD15 more than the original amount. This increment is only for the foreign registered private vehicles or in other words, motorcycles, buses and taxis price of VEP remains unchanged.

According to Singapore’s Land Transport Authority, the reason for this changes is to basically reduce the widening gap between the cost of owning and using a foreign registered vehicle in Spore versus that of a Singapore registered vehicle.

The good news is that the Vehicle Entry Permit chargeable hours remain unchanged at the moment.

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