Malaysian Guy Claims Responsibility For Attack on Movida Puchong, Cops and Owner Says Otherwise

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A Malaysian man claiming to be an IS militant has claimed responsibility for the attack on Movida Puchong but has been dismiss by both the police and the owner of the outlet. 

A man goes by the name of Abu Hamzah Al-Fateh in Facebook, boasted that the attack was an answer to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar’s challenge to Islamic State (IS) last week.


He also claimed that the explosion was an attack against a club full of infidels or kafir harbi while warning Muslims to avoid such places so that they will not be targets.

Selangor deputy police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abd Rahim Jaafar said all sings pointed to a gang-related incident.

“The restaurant was about to close when it was attacked. All the victims were patrons.

“We believe the attackers threw the bomb at the restaurant from the roadside,” he said, adding that police would scrutinise closed circuit television footage from the area.

According to DCP Abdul Rahim, the police believe the grenade was purchased on the black market.

Meanwhile, Movida owner Roger Hew posted on his Facebook saying that the attack was very much likely a personal attack on the couple who were celebrating their anniversary at the outlet.

Image via Roger Hew Facebook
Image via Roger Hew Facebook

“This is an isolated case and not in any way an indication of an attack with religion, belief or race as its motif,” he said.

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