Malaysian Government Soon to Ban Vaping Completely

Image: The Star
The Health Ministry is now studying laws to implement a blanket ban which would mean that all e-cigarettes or vaping will be banned, with no exceptions for any reason. 

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said recently that it is the ministry’s goal to ban vaping before it becomes a major health issue.

Right now, the ministry is studying on various legal avenues available on how to achieve this goal and it will be announced once its completed. The ministry also brainstorming with other agencies and ministries on this current issue.

“We want to choose an Act that will give us the most power which will enable us to ban it. I would like this to happen before it becomes a major health issue,” he added.

Vaping has now became a trend among Malaysians and the ministry have advised Malaysians to stop vaping temporarily until the risk of vaping are announced.

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