Malaysian government might start censoring Youtube and other online websites

Malaysian Home Ministry is planning to set up a large scale firewall that would impact to all Malaysian Internet users by filtering content that is deemed culturally unacceptable for Malaysians. The Malaysian Home Ministry is working closely with the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to put up a firewall that would filter online websites including YouTube. 


Home Minister Datuk Ahmad Zaid Hamidi, said that the Home Ministry is looking to filter video content that the  Malaysian Censorship Board deems to contain negative elements. He said:
We want to create awareness among the public, specifically film goers, that the censorship board has a social and religious responsibility to ensure movies adhere to set guidelines.
Content creators have to make sure their content do not lead members of society out of social and religious norms.”
If the firewall does go up, some contents (usually politically linked) will be inaccessible by Malaysian users. The Home Ministry is currently in talks with MCMC on the matter and he has personally urged the commission to implement the system “soon”.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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