Malaysian College Boys

college boys malaysian
1. We love stalking you ladies on Facebook
2. Sleeping is probably the best thing that could happen to us
3. We watch most of the latest movies at home by downloading them via torrent…However, when it comes to action pack movies like Fast & Furious, Avengers and so on, we watch them in cinemas…At times, we we bring our dates to watch these movies
4. Mamak stall/restaurant is like our second home…We can spend hours there with just one “teh o ais” or “teh tarik”


5. Most of you ladies will be wondering what we guys talk about at a mamak shop…Well, we gossip…That’s right — We have gossip sessions almost everyday…On weekends we talk about football
6. If we have no money to go out and “yumcha”, we stay home and DOTA


7. YouTube is the second best thing invented after Facebook of course..We start off with one funny/stupid video sent by a friend and by the time you know it, we watched about 30 videos and we take a short nap after that

youtube watch

 8. We might not look healthy to most of you but seriously, we do exercise…We play futsal, badminton, basketball and many other outdoor activities..We just don’t eat healthy which is probably the reason why we don’t look healthy

playing basketball

9. Day dreaming is the only thing we have successfully mastered…How do you think we can sit in a 2 hours lecture or tutorial? 😉


10. And lastly, we plan on road trips or outings that never happens…Which is the reason why there is nothing on our Facebook Timeline

plan for the college boys

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