Malaysian Child Sex Predators are on WeChat and Beetalk Targeting Underage Girls

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PETALING JAYA: A man in his late 30s, booked a hotel room for a meet-up and then was caught on camera saying he has had sexual relationships with girls as young as 13. 

These were some of the materials gathered by The Star’s R.AGE journalist who went undercover for these meetings with pedophiles who lurked on social medias especially on WeChat and Beetalk.

The Star’s R.AGE team had started its undercover sting operation against sex predators. During the period, R.AGE compiled material that included obscene images s, inappropriate messages and hidden camera footage of the undercover journalists at work.

Malaysia does not have laws against “sexual grooming”, which refers to the process of gaining a child’s trust for future sexual exploitation, even though statistics show it has been on the rise.

Popular mobile apps like WeChat and Beetalk are the main tools for sex predators in Malaysia, based on Bukit Aman’s statistics.

The Sting Operation Video:

During the operation, R.AGE journalist confronted one predator who was propositioning the undercover journalist on WeChat and sending photos of his penis.

“It’s a numbers game,” said the 28-year-old postgraduate student who is a self-confessed sex addict.

“On WeChat, you can search for people nearby, and filter them based on gender. After I filter out all the men, I just send messages to as many girls as possible.”

Another man claimed he is “an expert in massages” and that he had done it on at least two other girls below 15.

“I’ve done it with girls from Form One to Form Six! The one that is in Form One (aged 13) is from a school in KL. There’s another one in Selangor, but she’s in Form Four now.”

Assistant Commissioner Ong Chin Lan, the Bukit Aman Sexual, Women and Child Investigation Division (D11) assistant principal director said, “If we had grooming laws, the authorities might be able to arrest predators like Huckle early on.”

“We need to empower our law enforcement agencies.”

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