Malaysian Born Chicken Rice Stall Owner Now Selling His Michelin Star Soya Sauce Chicken Recipe for RM6.1 Million

By now we are sure that everyone knows the famous chicken rice stall in Singapore which received a Michelin award.


By now we are sure that everyone knows the famous chicken rice stall in Singapore which received a Michelin award. 

Now, the recipe of the Singapore’s Michelin-starred hawker stall is up for sale at least $2 million (RM6.1 million) according to Shin Min Daily news.


Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle won a star in the Singapore Michelin Guide, and has been lauded as the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world.


There were several corporation in China, Taiwan and Vietname have reached out to the owner

The stall owner originally from Ipoh, Chan Hon Meng said he had little interest as those who approached him were not from the food industry.

“They said they will provide the finances, and me the expertise, but it is not so easy. They are willing to open factories, but how will they be run?” he said.

Right now, he is currently in talks with a global food and beverage company which has been expanding rapidly lately, he said.

He told the reporters that they have the relevant experience and are offering generous conditions including share options. 

“Manpower is a longstanding problem in Singapore, so I want to spend some time studying the details and work out a win-win deal for both parties,” he told the evening daily.


The 51 year old owner also said that he is considering to take the offer as he is getting older and does not know how long he can continue running the stall at Chinatown Food Complex.

Chan also said why his recipe was worth at least $2.1 million (RM6.1 million). In 2014, Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint’s premises and recipe was sold for $4 million (RM12.1 million)

Based on that deal, the recipe alone should be worth at least $2mil (RM6.1mil), said Chan. 

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