Making Sushi by squeezing it in someone’s armpit is yummier

Armpit rice balls
We all know that Japanese are known for their bizarre inventions and now cute Japanese girls are preparing food by squeezing it under their armpits. 

According to Sirabee, ‘armpit rice balls’ have been creating quite the buzz online.

This strange food prep technique first came from the anime industry. Whenever female characters prepare dishes with their armpits, it would drive fanboys crazy.




Well we know Japan and it wasn’t long before someone decided to make the bizarre food in real life. In the pictures below, a girl is seen posing in the kitchen as she prepares to make the ‘armpit rice balls.’

The recipe is pretty simple: First sprinkle some sesame seeds under your arm. Then, start rolling the rice until it gets a round shape. Finally, squeeze to make it more compact.

Sirabee wanted to test whether the delicacy would taste better than ordinary ones, so they conducted an experiment. How? By having a male colleague eat both.


7891011Can you guess which came out victorious? “Ah… it smells great! It is delicious… the riceball definitely felt firmer after being squeezed under the armpit,” said the man.

So there you have it. Sushi Ketiak Sedap.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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