Lexus Center now in Ipoh

lexus ipoh
Lexus wasn’t really active in the marketing game like how Mercedes and other luxury automakers do it. But recently they solved the equation and we are pretty sure they will be on the same track as its competitors very soon.

The company invested about RM90 million in Malaysia just for the sake its network to expand and as a result, Lexus Ipoh (Jalan Kuala Kangsar) now exist. In total, they now have six Lexus centers nationwide.

This new luxurious showroom is built on a solid 30,000 sq ft land and its two storeys tall. In other words, they are able to display a maximum of four new models at a time. On top of that, they have also built a mezzanine floor, rooftop stockyard and as well as a service center.

According to Datuk Ismet Suki (President of UMW Toyota Motor), the next location for a new Lexus Center will be in Malacca.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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