LDP Road Timing from Friday to Saturday

ldp malaysia
7.00AM : The workers/students who are always on time will be on the road at this hour
8.00AM : The workers/students who are just on time for their work/class. They don’t mind getting stuck in the jam for an hour
9.00AM : The workers/students who are definitely late for work/class uses LDP at this hour

ldp morning

10.00AM : If you use LDP at this hour, you are certainly not the employee of the month. Or you could either be in the marketing line, a student who has class at 10AM or 12PM, or you work in a start up company
11.00AM : The workers who are tooooooooo late for work. Probably forgot the alarm rang. Or you could be a student who is attending a 12PM class
12.00PM-2.00PM : Usually people at this hour uses LDP to go for lunch or for a meeting which your client set (screw this client)

ldp canon-compressed

3.00PM : Business owners and CEOs goes to work at this hour or you could be heading back home after college
4.00PM : Business owners and CEOs goes back home at this hour…And “not the employee” of the month will be heading back home too
5.00PM : People who just don’t give a shit about the jam and wants to go back home will be on LDP at this hour
6.00PM : People who don’t give two f**ks about the crazy ass traffic jam and wants to just go back home will be on LDP at this hour
7.00PM : F**k this shit I’m heading to a bar 
8.00PM : People who stayed at work and don’t want to be stuck in the traffic jam will be going out now (smart move)
9.00PM : People who are rushing to catch the happy hour
10.00PM : College kids conquer LDP at this hour (they heading to a club to partayyyyy)

street racing ldp

11.00PM : College kids still conquer LDP at this hour
12.00AM : Most people on LDP at this time are up to no good
1.00AM : Still up to no good (that’s why you see lots of police roadblocks at this hour)
2.00AM : People on LDP at this hour are usually going back home in anger after a bad party night (that’s why you see lots of accidents at this hour)

ldp accident

3.00AM : College kids heading to Mamak for supper after partying. Some would drive back home drunk 
4.00AM : People who sobered up after supper will be driving back home 
5.00AM : Horny, drunk and tired people on the road
6.00AM : The people who are driving on LDP at this hour are usually wondering “Why am I still up at this hour?!”
7.00AM : WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY F**KING LIFE. THE SKY IS ALREADY BLUE!  These are the type of people using LDP at 7.00AM on Saturday

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