Lancelot Tea Guild has quietly opened its doors at Bandar Sunway


This newly opened English tea house is established by a group of art directors who came from advertising and interior design background. As soon as I enter the tea house, I was utterly amazed looking at the pristine white wall. The “white room” boasts a homely and cozy ambiance, but if you prefer somewhere with dimly lit place, hop on over to their “dark room”, which has a dimmer lightning and a more royalty-ish design.

white room
White Room

The Lancelot crew takes its theme seriously. In the white room, you can see pictures of knights wearing armor are hanged on the wall; in the dark room there is a medium sized sparkling chandelier, hanging on the ceiling, on the right hand side of the dark room, there was a huge portrait of five knights, symbolizes the brains behind Lancelot Tea Guild.

dark room
Dark Room


The tea house offers a wide range of teas — black, green, fruit & herbal, cold brew tea and tea mocktail. A pot of hot tea here range from RM 12.90 to RM 16.90 per pot, and each pot is sufficient for two cups.

The Lancelot crew uses a steam punk to brew their tea to the best result with the recommended temperature and brewing time. Feel free to ask their staffs to explain to you their varieties of tea leafs. My waiter was friendly and polite, and thanks to him I learnt so much about tea drinking culture through the process.


Apple Elderflower (RM 14.90)

A rustic blend of early autumn apples, elderflower, sweet liquorice, vanilla and hibiscus, and a handful of rose and marigold petals.

I must say the tea tastes as amazing as it smells. The tea is fragrant and its fruity scent is light and refreshing.


Picadilly Blend (RM 14.90)

A classic black tea with fragrant flavours of rose, strawberry and lotus, luxuriantly layered with colourful cornflowers petals.

I was quite skeptical with the combination of different flowers which is rose, lotus and cornflower petals but the tea was perfectly mixed. The tea aroma made me alive immediately after the first sip.


Earl Grey Tea (RM 12.90)

The Earl Grey Tea consists of a nice aroma and it tastes great even without sugar.

Strawberry and Lychee (RM 14.90)

It was delicious and refreshing plus the addition of lychees gives a pleasant chewy bite to the drink. This is certainly the drink of summer if you are feeling hot and humid.

Berry and Pomegranate (RM 14.90)

I like that the drink wasn’t too sweet, but I couldn’t taste the berry or pomegranate flavours. Although some may enjoy this drink, it certainly isn’t my cup of tea.



If you are in Lancelot Tea Guild for the first time, you should try out their signature main course which is the Scotch Egg (RM 32.90). The dish consists of two soft-boiled eggs, gorgeously coated with fried breaded chorizo beef, served with mustard sauce and greens. Appearance wise, the dish looks ordinary at the first glance due to the crispy layer of the eggs. When you poke the eggs with your fork, you can see the egg yolk flowing out of the egg into the beef, giving the beef a subtle sweetness.

scotch egg

If you are looking for something more fulfilling, you can opt for their Chicken Linguine (RM 22.90) — served with Cajun chicken and toasted nuts in basil pesto sauce. The pesto sauce was incredibly creamy and flavourful, the taste just bursts in my mouth. On top of that, the chicken was juicy and tender, and the portion is sufficient for one person. However the taste was a little salty, personally I think it would be great if the dish comes with more ingredients such as cherry tomatoes and olive.


I admit that my belly was quite full after the two meals but I can’t help to order their soup of the day which is  Cauliflower Soup (RM 12.90). Blend to perfection, the warming soup was flavour-packed; the taste was rich and savoury, approved by my tastebuds.



So when you are in a tea house, the best thing to pair with your tea is certainly a delicious cake. The waiter recommended me to try Earl Grey and Mont Blanc. Yes you heard it right, Mont Blanc, the company that is known for manufacturing pen, watches, etc.


As a tea lover, I have always adored cakes that are produced with flower and tea leaves such as Lavender cheesecake and Rose tea cheesecake, that being said the Earl Grey cake is definitely an indulgence for the tea enthusiast in me. Whereas the Mont Blanc is quite sweet for my liking, nonetheless these two cakes had a smooth sailing ride to my tummy.

Lancelot Tea Guild at Nadayu 28
03-5613 6639
5A, Nadayu 28, Jalan PJS 11/2, Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya.
Operating Hours: 11 am to 10pm, Every Monday Close

Written by Jean Khoo

Amateur health advocate, WWE nerd, and small town Penang girl.