Kancil driver runs over a man who was filling up petrol at Kluang Utama

Former Tenaga Nasional Bhd pensioner, identified as Haji Nasir survived a gruesome accident when he was run over by a Kancil driver at a petrol station in Jalan Rambutan in Kluang Utama yesterday.

The victim was believed to have suffered  a broken hand and leg during the incident that happen around 12.05pm at the Shell station.

The 49-second video showed a Kancil car filling up petrol and was driven by a woman and another friend.

Upon entering the car, the lady then drove straight into the front pump where Haji Nasir was filing up his sedan car.

The Kancil then failed to turn and crashed into the victim’s car. It then dragged the victim for about a metre before running over him.

It is learnt that the female driver later lodged a traffic police report. The case will be investigated under Section 43 of the Road Transport Act 1987 for careless and inconsiderate driving.

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