Judi Dench, Julie Christie and Fiona Shaw strip off for new photos designed to raise awareness of over-fishing.

Judi Dench, Fiona Shaw and Julie Christie are among six stars to strip off for new photos designed to raise awareness of over-fishing to mark World Oceans Day on the 8th June.
Like Ms Bonham-Carter, who posed with a 27kg tuna, each of the actresses involved covers her modesty with marine animals, in Dame Judi’s case, a lobster.


The campaign is about the devastation wrought by over fishing and aims to encourage shoppers t only purchase sustainably caught fish.
Dame Judi, 80 (from the picture above) said that she opted for a lobster because she ‘has a passion for them’.
‘The best part of the shoot was that it is not every day you get to cuddle one,’ she added. ‘The worst part was that I didn’t get to eat it.’
She is also particularly anxious to highlight the increasing acidity of the world’s oceans, a phenomenon cased by atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolving in the sea.



Fellow veteran Julie Christie, 75, who shot to fame in classic films such as Doctor Zhivago, appears in a particularly dramatic photo that sees her lying covered in small fish.
Author Kathy Lette, 56, is also shown with a large dogfish but unlike Christie, was photographed lying on her stomach.
Actress Tamla Kari, known for her role in The Inbetweeners, poses topless with a pair of herrings
Images of Helena Bonham Carter caressing a large tuna went viral in February this year


According to the charity, it played a role in persuading chancellor George Osborne to create a marine-life reserve around the Pitcairn Islands, a British Overseas Territory in the South Pacific.
Fishlove was set up by restaurateur Nicholas Rohl and theatre actress Greta Scacchi in 2009.

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