Johor Wants Singaporean Driver For Dangerous Driving


An arrogant Singaporean driver is now Malaysia’s first public enemy after a Facebook posting about his reckless and dangerous driving went viral.

The driver of a black Mercedes Benz S400 allegedly changed lanes suddenly without indicating, causing a massive four-car collision near the Kempas Toll Plaza according to a Facebook post on the Video Viral page. The man sped off but was chased down by another driver after the incident.

When confronted, the Singaporean driver told the driver: “Kalau nak report polis, report lah. Polis Johor baik dengan saya. Apa you orang boleh buat sebab tiada kesan langgar kat kereta dan tiada bukti langgar. You ingat I tak tahu law?” (‘If you want to report to the police, report lah! The Johor police are friendly with me. What can you do? There are no signs of an accident and no evidence of a collision. You think I don’t know the law?’)

Responding to the incident on their official Facebook page, the Johor police has confirmed that they are investigating the driver – who has 13 unpaid summons and 12 of them are known for speeding and also for dangerous driving and endangering the safety of citizens.