Johor Princess Quits Instagram Over Nasty Tudung Comments

Tudung Issue (2)
Johor princess Tunku Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah has quit social media after Internet users flooded her Instagram account, criticising her for not wearing the Muslim headscarf, or tudung, The Star reported.

Here is what she told to reporters on the comments that had hurt her feelings and she did not want strangers to judge her for how she dressed:-

“At first, I posted pictures of my cats, but then, people started leaving nasty comments about not wearing a tudung that hurt me.

“It then started to go on and on until gra­dually, I felt that they were invading my private space.

“After receiving good advice from my pa­­rents, who were worried about my wellbeing and safety, I decided to quit all social media,” she was quoted as saying after attending a Johor Baru SPCA luncheon.

Tunku Aminah is the only daughter among the six children of Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar and Raja Zarith Sofiah.

Tunku_Aminah_Maimunah_Iskandariah1Her brother, Tunku Idris, had come to her defence on Saturday, and took to Instagram to say how she chose to dress should be between herself and God.

“I only found out about what he did after reading it in The Star a couple of days ago and all my brothers came to my aid which made me really happy,” said Tunku Aminah.

Despite the circumstances leading her to shut down her Instagram account, Tunku Aminah said she was happy with the choice she made.

She said retreating from the world of social media and remaining in her “own little bubble” has left her content.

“I believe that this is the best decision that I ever made.

“I realised that being in the limelight is not for me and I am really happy after closing my Instagram account early this month.

“I am now quite content within my own little bubble.”

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