Jobs that we picked back when we were in primary school in Malaysia

Remember the first day of class back when you were in primary school? The class teacher will hand out a form and you are needed to fill up your ambitions/occupation. 

Well, below is a list of what most of you people actually chose to do when you grow up.

1. Jurutera – Engineer

malaysian engineers

2. Polis Bomba – Fireman

fireman malaysia

3. Polis Trafik – Traffic Police

traffic police malaysia

4. Doktor – Doctor

doctors malaysia

5. Juruteknik – Technician or Juruelektrik – Electrician


6. Jururawat – Nurse


7. Posman – Postman

posman malaysia

8. Guru – Teacher

cikgu malaysia

9. Tentera – Soldier


10. Angkasawan – Astronaut


So, what do you choose to be when you were in primary school? Are you living the dream?

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