It’s a Malaysian Indian Thing

malaysian indians

1. We can never live without rice and curry

2. Coming back home extremely late would probably get us killed by our parents

3. Our parents are always asking us to study..Every Indian parents WANTS us to be a lawyer, doctor, engineer or an accountant. BUT we don’t!

indian doctor

4. Since we are in the parents topic, our parents also told us to buy clothes and shoes which are at least one size bigger..This is to ensure we can still wear them when our body size got bigger

5. They don’t like us to start dating when we are still studying

how dare

6. Our parents never trust us with money. Probably because they think we spend it all on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs

7. We are cheap (mostly guys)… – and the reason to this could relate to point #6

8. All of our Non-Indian friends always say that our tolerance of alcohol is high

drink alochol

9. During wedding functions we will bound to meet someone we know and we will find out after all these years we are actually related to that person all the while


10. We stare at our own kinds (Indians) when we see each other in public places

11. Most of us Indians in Malaysia has a slang but we don’t realize it

12. If you are Indian and you can’t speak in Tamil, people will always ask you this; Are you Christian?

13. Another ridiculous question that certain people ask us; You Christian or Indian?

14. Sometimes when we walking in a group with our Indian friends, people will tend to look at us in fear like we are about to rob them. Seriously! Not every Indian is a robber or a gangster

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