It is better to go on a vacation then buying a present! Five reason to back that statement.


It’s the time of the year again to get a present for your partner. It could be a birthday or an anniversary, and every year has to be better then the last year.

Well, here are 5 reasons that spending your money to go for a vacation is much better then getting a gift for each other.


1. Bonding between one another during vacation.


Both of you are out of your comfort zone, your relationship will grows stronger during vacation which can’t be done by just staying at home. Both of you will have more chance to just relax and talk to each other without much interference and stress. 


2.  Golden memories and experiences


You guys will have an ever lasting memory. Good memories.No one can take it away from the both of you. Memories can’t be bought. Couples who have lot’s of memories together and experiences are much more closer and happy compare to couples who have tons of  gifts. Gifts will make you happy, but it will fade away and you will  end up throwing it away and forgetting about it.


3. No more junks and trying new stuff.


Your room won’t be fill with “gifts” which you might get bored with it in 2 weeks. But if you go on a vacation, you would normally do stuff that you would not think of doing when you are home. Such as hiking, skiing, bungee jumping and so on.


4. FUN and nature.


Yes, just one word to describe it. It is so much fun to go outdoor, the world is outside not inside. It gets you more in touch with nature if your vacation brings you here. Spending time with nature is a blessing. “Time spend with nature is never a wasted time”.


5. See the world.


You get to see the world and learn about many different cultures and so on, this is much more interesting then getting a gift. Travelling is not only relaxing and having fun, but it is also educational. Plus, it can also be cheaper. Example: Buying one ipad can actually fund the both of you on a trip to Penang and you would still have some balance left. 



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