Is Your Girlfriend a Gold Digger?

7 Signs She is a Gold Digger-compressed
Understand what a gold digger is, and is not. There’s nothing wrong with a person being concerned about your financial stability. A long-term partnership means depending on each other through the ups and downs, and being financially reliable does help with that to a degree.

The difference between a gold digger and someone who values your role as a provider is that the gold digger would deride and perhaps leave you if you lost your ability to provide for them financially.

Gold digger appreciates only that (your money), and will not see the relationship as worthwhile if you’re not well off.

There are literally many ways you can identify whether your current girlfriend or ex-girlfriend is a gold digger or the other way round. Here are 7 signs that might prove you have a ”gold digging” girlfriend….

1. Your girlfriend is obviously waaaaaaaayyyyy out of your league


2. Your girlfriend treats you like a walking ATM machine

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3. She always counts on you to improve her life, financially


4. She only loves shopping activities and nothing else

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5. They always talk about rich people and money like all the time

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6. She’s never dated an average guy before you


7. All your girlfriend’s friends are gold diggers as well


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