iPhone 6 Plus Bends in Your Pocket, New Feature Called BendGate


For those who have bought the iPhone 6 Plus, they have found a new feature that Apple did not highlight during the launch event of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It’s call BendGate. Well this is not something to wow about as many iPhone 6 users are complaining as the latest Apple’s offering allegedly bends when carried in pants pockets.


The reports surfaced on MacRumors on Sunday, just two days after the new iPhones went on sale. One user said that his brand new iPhone 6 plus was noticebaly bent after less than 24 hours in his frot pants pockets. Other people also starting posting photos of their bent phones on Twitter with the hastage #bendgate.

bends twit

brandy twit

Apple did not respond to the request for the comment. as BBC news reported the story and now is widely spread throughout the world. One intrepid vlogger decided to test the claims. On Tuesday, Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger posted this video of himself bending a brand new iPhone with his bare hands. The problem of the iPhone 6 is that is being blamed on its anodized aluminium frame.  Aluminium is soft metal that can be bent with slight force.

It is true that some say, Apple died along with Steve Jobs.

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