Instant noodles are bad, especially for women, survey says

Instant noodles are famous among us Malaysians especially to many college students. Malaysian households are known to have at least one pack of instant noodles of five for spare when we want to have a quick meal. But having instant noodles in large amounts and over a long time of period, can cause health problems. 
Instant noodles are high sodium, monosodium glutamate (MSG), fat and low in protein and vegetables, these yummy packets of instant goodness are actually little ticking health time bombs.
An article form The Street highlighted that eight ways that a ramen noodles can be bad for you. Womean however have the worst effects of eating too much instant noodles. Women (specifically South Korean), not men, who ate instant noodles at least twice a week showed a 68% higher risk of metabolic syndrome.
Well, what is metabolic syndrome? Metabolic syndrome is the name for a group of risk factors that raises your risk for heart disease and other health problems, such as diabetes and stroke.
Baylor University did a research on 10,000 adults (54.5% women) between the age of 19 to 64 using  Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey IV 2007-2009, a nationally representative cross-sectional survey of the Korean population, to come to its conclusions
In the results, they found that there are two major dietary patterns in the group. One of the group is the “traditional dietary pattern”, which consist of rich in rice, fish, vegetables, fruits and potatoes and the other one is “meat and fast-food pattern”, which has less rice intake but rich in meat, soda, fried food, and fast food including instant noodles.
The consumption of instant noodles was associated  with increased prevalence of metabolic syndrome in women, independent of major dietary patterns. It is time to consume less of instant noodles and look for other alternatives for cheaper meals. In a long run this might affect your health badly.
Sources: The Street, PubMed, The Rakyat Post

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