If you remember these, you’re 90s kid

teng teng-compressed

1. Galah Panjang

galah panjang

2. Batu Seremban

batu seremban-compressed

3. Teng Teng

teng teng-compressed

4. We don’t know what is this called but this was way better than the standard balloons

this balloon-compressed

5. Tora and Ding Dang

tora and ding dang-compressed

6. Name, Place, Animal, Thing

name place

7. Penutup Botol

main penutup botol-compressed

8. We think this is called Sepak Bola Kertas

mainan dalam kelas

9. Speaking about “sepak bola”, we also managed to convert mineral bottles and cans into football

football cans-compressed

10. Titik

main titik

11. Pick Up Sticks

pick up sticks

12. And the boys built some rocking robots with buku latihan

and the boys build some rocking robots

13. These stars

these stars

14. The cards that makes our hands red

this card games

15. Bingo!


16. SOS


17. Snap, Old Maid, Happy Family, Donkey, Pokemon

pokemon cards

18. This “Fortune teller” game

this game

19. This gun

toy guns

toy guns2

20. Magic Ink!

magic ink