I don’t think it’s right to penalise the 99.999 % of vapers who don’t use it for drugs

Users of e-cigarettes want it to be regulated and be made widely available. They say users of vapers should not be penalised based on the actions of a few who abuse the devices with drugs. 

Consumer advocacy group factasia.org believed the infusion of marijuana in vape liquid solutions was another crucial reason for the government to regulate the local vaping industry.

The group’s co-founder, Heneage Mitchell said that introducing legislation on this matter would help prevent people from having access to drug products for the devices.

A vape device is simply a heating element which vaporises a solution known as e-juice. The e-juice is normally made of glycerine, propylene glycol, water and flavouring. So what’s the difference between conventional cigarettes? It actually has nicotine in the e-juice which allows vapers to consume the addictive substance without inhaling the same harmful chemicals which is found from cigarette smoke.


It is difficult to stop criminal syndicates and elements from taking advantage of any technology. .


“If you have a phone, it can be hacked and people can steal your information.

“But these are criminals we are talking about. The people who add the marijuana into the solutions are criminals. So we’ve got to really separate this (issue of drugs) from regulations (for normal usage).”

However, an official with the National Anti-Drugs Agency had recently raised alarm bells on the existence of e-juice solutions laced with drugs.

In Singapore, e-cigarettes are banned and new rules to enforce the ban will be enforced from mid-December.


“I don’t think it’s right to penalise the 99.999 % of vapers who don’t use it (for drugs) or have access to (the illegal substance).

“I mean just because somebody created a virus in a computer, does that mean we should ban computers?

“No, it means we should be careful to make sure that we can protect (users) against it. So it’s a legislative framework that’s a more important issue,” Mitchell said.

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