I called a colleague a 35 year old “SINGLE FEMALE”, got warning from HR for abusive language

malaysian colleagues-compressed

Over lunch last week in the pantry I see this poor guy kena buli by the older female colleague. She keep on sound him that he’s not giving enough ‘Love’ to his girlfriend because he bought an iPhone for himself first while the girlfriend still using an older version. Then she accuse him for staying in his comfort zone and not willing to give more for the girlfriend.

Then I just told him in front of her “aiyah don’t listen to her crazy advice, she 35+ still single no credential to give you love advice”. Then she broke down and cry, then her colleague (all single 30+ also) go sound me and complain to HR. Today got warning letter for ‘using inappropriate abusive language’. Then I explain the exact sentence I use and the reason I call her that (I say to protect lousy relationship advice from). HR just angguk say two more warning letter I’ll kena pecat.

30+ year old single (jealous) ladies are cancer to your relationship, stay away from them.

I still think 35+ year old single lady or male giving relationship advice is like not qualified lor, coz they’re bias and jeles to see younger people more successful than them in their relationship.

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