I almost got kidnapped in Seremban Jaya, Negeri Sembilan

parkson in seremban
I am from Seremban Jaya, Negeri Sembilan. Last week, around 3.00pm, I was waiting for the bus near Sri Tandayuthabani Temple (nearby Parkson Seremban).
I was then approached by a lady. She looks like a nice person and she called me by my name (I think she saw my name tag) and she said that my mother asked her to fetch me from here.
That’s the first time I seen her in my life and I really don’t want to follow her back. Almost 15 minutes she was trying to convince me and suddenly with the evil smile on her face, she starts dragging me towards her car which is few meters away.
There were almost 8 – 10 people at the incident area but they all just do their own work. Suddenly a guy came from nowhere and asked her what is her problem. And she told him that she is my mother’s close friend and that my mother asked her to fetch me but I don’t want to go with her. She even asked him to convince me to go with her.
He then asked her, what is my mother’s name? While she was thinking, he gave his phone to me and asked me to call my mother for verification. And that woman ran towards her car. There are 3 other girls in that car too (It’s a Black Perdana V6). I was in the verge of being kidnapped!
And the guy called my mother and tell her what happened. During the call, he even give his IC number to my mother so that she won’t get panicked that he might be one of them. Then we went and lodge a police report and the guy sent me home safely.
My father and mother offered him money, but he refused to take it and said that he would do the same thing anytime. I have no brothers, and I am proud to call him as my brother. There were 8 – 10 people around the area and half of them were men..Sadly, they were all watching and enjoying the show and no one has guts to question the lady.
The guy who helped me is Mr. Pratipraj who is working as Peg Perpaduan PD. He drives a white Perodua Kelisa. I hope this will reach him as I am very thankful for whatever he have done for me. Girls out there….Please be careful.

Written by FunnyMalaysia

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