I almost died or could have gotten seriously injured today…(Happened in Damansara)

happened in damansara
I almost died or could have gotten seriously injured today. Please read and take note of your surroundings.
Today after work around 8.15 i was driving back to my girlfriend’s house as usual after work for dinner from work.
I was driving on the LDP, passed the One utama flyover and i kept left to go to damansara jaya. I was on the left of the left lane and there was a jam because of the traffic light. It was a long day for me and i was just sitting and waiting for traffic to move.
By looking at my rear mirror, this Proton wira came really fast from the back and stopped at the left side of my car which had no way to go anymore because i was at the most left lane. The proton wira squeezed in and if im not wrong even bang into the orange divider or whatever you call it and then looked at me. I got shocked and looked. There were 3 indian guys in it. The driver looked at me for awhile then came down and kept hitting my car window. I got shocked and thought that i did something wrong. So i asked what happened? He did not want to talk but kept using violence. After 2-3 minutes i gave up trying to communicate because he was smashing my car. I changed my mind and turned right to go under the tunnel because traffic was moving there and i could escape from them. I drove really quickly, left and right and left and right.
There was a jam. So i thought they stopped trying. They then continued to chase me and in the tunnel itself they turned infront of my car and stopped the whole traffic. I got really pissed. They came down from their car and walked towards me. I thought to myself if i ever went down, i would have gotten injured. So, i stepped on my accelerator with full force towards them and turned left. They got back into their car and kept chasing me. NOBODY STOPPED TO HELP.
I then thought that i could keep left after the tunnel to stop by the balai bomba to get help. But i didnt see anyone. So i drove really quickly and turned left. Then i thought of the ss2 balai polis. Cut the long story short, i drove and they chased me. I drove right infront of the balai polis and there were some officers who are on their way home. I stopped them and asked for help. The proton wira wanted to leave but they stopped and came down and acted crazily and wanted to hit me. The police defended me and asked the 3 indian guys to make a report if i did anything wrong. They said nothing and they left.
The police told me that i was lucky to have thought to drive to the police station and not get down from the car because i would have gotten seriously injured. My car has some dent here and there and my front glass pecah already. But thank God that i am safe. The police told me that maybe they wanted me to get down from the car and rob me. But i have no idea. If any incident like this ever happens to you, stay in your car and drive to the nearest police station. Stay calm and depend on your own survival because nobody will help you. At least that is what i learnt today.
Isaac Izackyou

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