I almost became bin Abdullah, the story of my life

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Raining, cold, wet, such was the day when i first met her. Running away from home, I took her in. and since then, days had never been better for me. We cried, we laughed, we worried, we went through it all. She was the best thing in my life, at that time. Her existence brought colors to my life, coloring the blank page of my life.
Somewhere along the line, I manage to persuade her to reunite with her family. It was all well and good. I was happy, and she was too. Now all thats left is getting us to tie the knots and live happily ever after, or so i thought. i’ve grown closer to her family too, and occasionally would stop by her house to have dinner or just to have some coffee with her mum, who is an avid coffee lovers.
I had totally fallen in love with her, and never before had a woman gave me this feeling before. She is the one, i thought to myself. She is beautiful, cooks well, very passionate when the times need, caring and sometimes naughty. What else could i asked for.
So one fine day, with the excuse of business meeting and all, i secretly went out to the jewelry store. I bought an 8 carat diamond ring, to signify her pureness and innocence, and a pair of 3 carat earring, for the heck of it. And on one night, when she had a gathering with her friends, i went to her house, meeting her parents.
Mum: Came for another coffee, dear?
Me: Haha, yes aunty. And I come here to kidnap your daughter too
Mum: But she’s outside having a gathering with her friends now.
Me: Exactly why i came over now aunty
Sitting on the sofa, her mum served me coffee, and sitting down on the sofa next to mine. i took a sip, it was good, as usual.
Me: aunty, the reason i came tonight, is to ask for your permission.
She was taking a sip of the coffee, when she raised her eyebrows
Me: I’m asking for your permission for your daughter’s hand
Mum: You are not kidding me right, are you? hahaha
Me: See, you’re already smiling, that’s a good sign.
Mum: I dont know what to say, i mean, of course you can! Finally!
I took out the ring and earrings i bought the other day, took her hand, and handed it to her.
Mum: Oh now you’re marrying me instead?
Me: hahaha, aunty, this is the ring that will use to propose to her. the earrings, just to add the luxury to it. with your permission, i would like to propose to her.
Mum: Of course dear, you have my permission. I’m happy that you guys finally decide to settle down…
There’s tears inside her eyes, happy for her daughter. I hold her hands, saying “Dont worry aunty, i will take good care of her. this is my humble promise to you”
She nodded in agreement, holding back her tears.
Me: aunty, i want to you keep these for me. i will propose to her after my business trip next week. she have the keys to my house, i dont want her to find it during my absence.
Mum: as they say, the most dangerous place is the safest place eh, hahaha.
Me: spot on!
Mum: but you know, are you ok with the religion thing? you’ll probably need to convert and all…
Me: its ok aunty, she’s the love of my life, there’s nothing i wont sacrifice for her, dont you worry aunty
Mum: I’m glad she found a man like you, son, I’m really glad. there’s nothing more that i could ask for after this.
I left the house before soon to be wife came back.
The night before going for the business trip, we went out for a drink, as our other friend want to introduce an american friend who came for a visit. One handsome guy, well built. We were chattering when he suddenly asked her for a dance. I’ve noticed that he’s been looking at her for quite a while now. I’m ok with guys dancing with my girl, but there’s a limit to everything. He’s holding her on her waist and getting closer to her. After awhile they were basically touching each others already. his hand were touching her hips all over. Thats it, i stood up and wanted to bring her back, at the same time they finally decided to come back to the table.
I gave a warning stare to the white guy, and he’s like “chill bro” with me. the only thing holding me back from punching him is because he’s a friend of a friend of mine. Not enough with the dance, they keep talking on the table, exchanging contacts and even touching her hair saying flirty words. And surprisingly she too played along with him. We went home early, to prevent myself from causing a havoc.
Her: it was just a play, please dont mind about it babe, ok?
Me: ….
Her: oh come on, babe, i’m sorry about that ok? pretty pleaseeeee
Me: …
Her: come on babe, i’m sure your little brother down there would forgive me, right right? (while petting my didi) i’ll be a “good” girl tonite brows.gif
ignoring what happened earlier, we went wild that night. her delicate soft smooth hand are so good handling it, her rabbit teeth was the killer, giving the extra sensation. i pancuted inside, and we dropped on the bed, exhausted.
I departed the next day to my destination. done with the day’s meeting, i called her during the evening. her phone was switched off. feeling weird, i called her mum
Me: Hi aunty, its me here! is Miss R there?
Mum: She… she’s going to a wedding party tonight
Me: That’s weird, i cant get through her phone. I didnt told me about this too.
Mum: I.. I… She said she went for a vacation earlier today…
Me: what? she never told me about this..
Mum: oh son. please forgive me… (she started to cry) she said she’s following this white guy for a vacation in the US, and thats it…
we paused for a moment… not saying anything, only to hear her sulking…
I knew it, i knew that guy was up to no good.
Me: Aunty, dont worry. I’m sure she will be fine… she’s an adult now.. Listen aunty, i’ll be taking the next flight back, and i’ll go over your house ok?
Mum: alright son… you take care…
Me: you too aunty.
I took the next flight back, went to her house. her mum greets me with her sorrow face
Mum: i’m so sorry son… i didnt know what to do…
Me: its ok aunty… there’s nothing to be sorry about.. she’s an adult and should know what to do..
Her mum cant help but to look away from me, feeling guilty for her daughter.
Mum: she came back this morning with a white guy and went to pack her bags before leaving, saying that she’s going for a short vacation with him… and asking me not to tell you about it…
Me: its ok… dont cry, i’m the one who suppose to cry
I called my friend who introduced us the white guy. he confirmed that the guy went back earlier today, but no details about who going with him. i’m confident, she went with him.
I calmed her, or rather, both of us, down. took a deep breath, and made up my mind.
Me: aunty, thank you for all the while i have been with Miss R, thank you for your permission for your daughter’s hand, thank you for everything. but i’m afraid i’ll have to end the relation between me and her.
She can only nod, while looking down, away from me.
Mum: i’ll take the rings and earrings to you, wait here.
Me: No aunty, that is a symbol of my love to her. and it belongs to none but her alone. she havent know about this right?
Mum: no.. i have not yet told her about this…
Me: its ok aunty.. it is a sincere gift from me to her, please let her keep it.
After exchanging words and saying my probably last goodbye to her, i gave her a hug and off i go. i took the next flight back to my business trip location. things still need to be done despite what happened. only difference is that, i was taking my boss’s secretary with me.
a week passed by, and i’m back from the successful business trip. she began calling on the fifth day after she went away with the white guy. i ignored her calls. i did not went home, and booked a week vacation on a resort, since she has the key to my house. when my mind has settled down, i called her. as soon as she picked up, she said
She: please forgive me dear, i’m so so sorry about what happened.. my mum told me about the rings… and… oh god… (she started crying)
She keep talking for one minute while crying for over a minute, and when she finally paused and still crying, i said
Me: Meet me tomorrow at the XXX Jetty at 10am. We should settle over it properly…
She: No… please dont dear… please
*i hanged up
the next day, i waited for her at the jetty. she came early too, wearing my favorite dress that i bought for her birthday. i noticed that she’s wearing the ring and the earrings i bought. she saw me at the end of the jetty, and walks quickly towards me.
She: hey babe, nice day…
Me: yes it is…
She: This ring and earrings, its so beautiful, thank you..
Me: You’re welcome… please keep it… its yours
She begin to cry silently
She: please forgive me… i know i was wrong, but please dont leave me
I did not look at her. my eyes focusing onto the waving sea. But my mind, just thinking back on her going with the white guy, having “vacation” on god knows where and doing god knows what gets on my nerve, unforgivable.
Me: the reason i asked you out today is, i want to end our relationship properly.
i could hear her crying louder
She: dont leave me…. please dont leave me… you’re all i have… its my fault, i should have known that the guy was only playing me for a game… please…
she crying louder and louder. some people starts looking at us
Me: whats done is done. i cant say no more..
She: then please take this ring and earrings back… please keep me in a place inside your heart, please dont forget me…
Me: no Miss R, this is rightfully yours. it resemble what my feeling once had for you. it belongs to none but you alone. so please keep it.
She: no please, i could not live seeing this everyday… please take it back
Feeling quite annoyed with her, and the additional anger from what happened, i took it from her, and i throw it into the sea. she screamed. people started looking at us as if i’m bullying a woman.
She: whyyyyy????????!!!! (sobbing non stop)
My sunglasses are the only thing preventing her to look into my half filled teary eyes.
Me: please, take care of yourself and your mother. i wish you all the best in life. and its best we dont meet again in the future… goodbye…
I left, not looking back.

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