How to take your medicine correctly?


So, when you fall sick, you go to the doctors and doctors prescribe you some medicine. Certain medicine have different instruction on how to take them.

Some requires after meal, before meal and so on. So, specifically how to take the medicine the right way?

Let’s go through some of the instructions:


1. Take Before Meal.

So, when precisely?. Take 30 minutes before meal and not right after eating your medicine you eat you lunch!.
This is because some medicine would loose it’s effect with the presence of food too quickly.



2. Take After Meal.

This means, 10 minutes after your meal, Not directly after meal. Right after meal, some medicine might not take any effect, let the food digest awhile first.



3. Finish the course.

Well, it simply means, finish them all, even after you get well. This is to so call kill the remaining germs that maybe weakened but not yet completely wipe out.



4. Vitamins Supply.

It’s often better to eat your vitamins supply during the day and after the meal. Never take supplement on an empty stomach. The food serve as a base for your supplement, if not it simply wipes out when you urinate.


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