How to have an Epic Night in Zouk KL under RM25

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How to have an Epic Night in Zouk KL with only RM25 in your wallet ? Well, I’ll tell you how


+ This trick only applies on certain days

1. This trick will only work if you are in the Klang Valley region

klang valley area (2)

2. You need at least 3 people to pull this off (this trick only applies to a minimum of 3 people in a group)

3 friends

3. Once you have the specified number of friends, gather at a midpoint

4. Head over to the nearest liquor store and each of you get 1 set of 3 for 11 (3 cans of beer for RM11)


Cost: RM 11 each

5. Then, get in the car and split the petrol cost

Cost: RM10 each (Including toll) – Some of you might not spent so much on travelling. Use this money to get more 3 for 11 sets

6. Start drinking one can in the car before reaching zouk

7. Park your car inside Zouk KL’s building because the parking rates inside is cheaper than the one outside next to Zouk KL


Cost: RM10/3 = RM3.33 each

8. And this is how you get inside Zouk for free. For Example today is Wednesday:

Zouk KL Trec New

If you don’t have a business card related to Industry, Advertising, Banking and Real Estate then make one. RM30 gets you 100 business cards

30/100 = RM0.30 for each business card

So you are basically entering Zouk spending only RM0.30 and you can use the remaining 99 cards for your next visits

9. Once you have gotten your stamp chop at the entrance, head back down to your car park and down another can of beer

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10. Once you have completed step 9, get back in Zouk and dance your ass off. And remember, if you need more alcohol in your system, you can always head to your car


Total Cost For the Night:

RM11 (3 for 11 beers)
RM10 (Petrol and toll)
RM3.33 (Zouk parking)
RM0.30 (Business card)
Total: RM24.63 each

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