How to get a boyfriend in 6 easy steps (anyone can do it)


Tips: Making the first move

If you want that guy really bad, make the first move!! It’s 2016!! Don’t think of him as an escalator that is going to move for you, think of him as a set of stairs that you can move up at your own pace.

Step 1: Sending out mass text

The easiest way to get the word out that you’re single and looking is by letting everyone know. Word spreads like wildfire. Everyone knows someone and sooner or later someone will know and would be willing to buy dinner and compliment your eyes

Step 2: Stalking potential guys in social media

You can learn so much from a dude’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. You can learn so much from a person’s life on Facebook. If you really want to stalk him more, click follow on his profile and it would be easier to set your sight on a guy that you are interested in. Learn what he does.

Step 3: Join Tinder 


It’s not easy to find guys on your Facebook as they all your friends. And you don’t get to meet much guys outside because you are always working. If you’re looking for convenience, look no further and download Tinder. Tinder is actually a fun app to use, scrolling through guys all day and choosing whether they are hot or not. But remember to be careful, there are many creeps there too!!

Tips: WeChat is a bad place to find a proper guy (Proceed with caution)

Step 4: Finding a guy in places that you usually go

If you are really lazy to do all the things above, you can always find a relationship in places that you frequent. Scope out your office, your neighbours, your friend’s friend, or in temples and churches

Step 5: Clubbing… hmmm


Well, if you really can’t find guys anywhere around you and no one is swipping right in Tinder for you, the next bet is to go clubbing. Not all guys who go to clubs are douche. There are actually nice guys there and you should try your luck there. Who knows one day that dude you met in Zouk would be the guy you would marry one day.

Step 6: If all else fail, wear this: 


Pretentious guys overstate their style, value and opinions. They believe that anything below them should be pitied and ridiculed. Their opinion is gospel and they give out that opinion a lot. Their way is always better but not always. Here’s an example of a pretentious guy that you should avoid:

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