How to Download and Play Pokémon Go in Malaysia and Singapore

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Pokémon Go, the anticipated augmented reality game, is coming out on Android and iOS devices today after almost a year of anticipation. 

I’m sure many of us (like I am) are very excited with news websites announcing the release of Pokémon Go on Android and iOS.

For some reason, Pokémon Go isn’t officially released in Malaysia and Singapore yet. Currently the countries that are available to download are Australia and New Zealand. The developers of the app said that it will release in other countries in stages. (don’t know how long would it take to reach to Malaysia).

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For Malaysians who can’t wait to play this game, there is a way for you guys to download and play!!

Officially you can’t find them on Apply Store and Google Play Store as it is not available for Malaysia and Singapore yet but there is always a way to cheat it. Just download the APK of Pokemon Go.

You can download it at

This file when downloaded will let you install the app and play it, however that this is unfortunately only for Android devices. Sorry, iOS users!

However, since it is not released in Malaysia or Singapore or other parts of Asia, you can’t find the Pokemon in the map yet. So you get the real app but you still have to wait for the official release in Asia to search for the additional Pokemon to add into your Pokedex.

So there you have it, enjoy catching them Pokemon

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