How to be “cool” in Malaysia

cool malaysia

1. Drive an expensive car

i should buy a bmw

2. If you can’t afford an expensive car, then buy expensive clothes and just drive a Proton/Myvi

head to toe burberry

3. Have coffee in all the cool hipster cafes

hipster cafe malaysia

4. Pop them bottles in nightclubs. If you don’t have money to pop bottles, then simply pay the cover charge and join some random table that has lots of bottles on it..It will automatically make you look cool

party malaysia best

5. Tell all your friends that you are doing business. Doing business at a young age makes you look cool as well in Malaysia

that'd be great

6. Date white guys/girls..Your cool level meter will jump up to like a thousand if you manage to get a white boyfriend/girlfriend

look at them

Look at them…Don’t you just want to be friends with these two up here. They look so cool!
7. If you can’t get a white boyfriend/girlfriend, then just hangout with them. People would still think that you are cool

cool people

8. Fake an accent (Must at least be an accent from a white country, or otherwise it won’t work)

but its fake

9. Take pictures of all these cool stuff you do and post them on Facebook and Instagram. And make sure you have your personalised hashtag #CoolMalaysians

upload images malaysia

10. And lastly, brag. Brag as much as you can think of. The sky is the limit. You can be anyone you want, even Dracula. 


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