How to be a Malaysian Driver

malaysian drivers

1. Use your hands to communicate with other drivers

2. Instead of using your car honk, flash your lights

3. If you are on the fast lane and there is another car in front of you..Drive as close as you can get to that car and start flashing lights

4. Emergency lane? No problem, bro! Can go

emergency lane no problem

5. Jalan Sehala? No problem, bro! Can go also!

6. No parking? Double park, bro!

double park bro

7. Got summoned? No problem, bro! No need to pay one! Or otherwise, just bribe the policeman

8. And whenever you see a policeman and speed-trap, slow down your car immediately

9. If you want to be a Malaysian Driver, it is important for you to understand how we see the traffic light here. The picture below explains all

malaysian driver traffic light

10. Get your phone ready when there is an accident and start taking pictures or videos

11. Speaking of accidents, don’t forget to note down the car’s number plate to buy “nombor” at the lottery store

12. And finally, never allow anyone to cut your lane during traffic jam although you have been cutting other people’s lane since the first day you started driving

potong que

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