How to be a Happy Couple? 10 habits a happy couple should have.


So, congratulations that you have just found your second half. Now, how do you maintain the happiness forever? 

Here are 10 tips that you should follow to being a happy couple.:


1. Go to bed at the same time and sleep without your clothes!. 

Bed is an appropriate location to make love. well, do that. Even if you are not making love,sleep together without your clothes, the touch of skin connecting each other will only strengthen your bond together. 


2. Try out your other half’s interest to keep things interesting or do something that the both of you are scared. 

If two person have all the same interest,  your relationship might be boring if you take it for granted, but if both of you have no common interest, it might be boring and frustrating too. For the couple who have all the same interest, try to do something out of your comfort zone, you might look silly, but this is all good memories which you will enjoy in the future.  For the couple who have no common interest, try your other half interest. Example, the girl does not do sports, but the boy loves sport. Girl, please try to follow your man to do sports and vice versa. Be more open minded with your other half and try to enjoy every moment. 


3.  Hold hands side by side when walking. 

Try to adjust to each other pace and try to make sure you guys are side by side instead of one in-front and the other lags behind. 


4. Trust and Forgiveness must always be turn on. 

Without trust, you will always doubt your partner and this will cause jealousy and eventual break up. Keeping grudges towards your partner is also unhealthy to your relationship. Your partner should receive special treatment. Give more chances to your partner.


5. Be more positive instead of negative.

Try to think of your partners plus points instead of his bad side. Remember, nobody is perfect. 


6. Hug each other whenever possible.

When your partner returns from work, hug them. Hug them as long as possible. Our “touch sense” is a great gift, use it. Hugging always give a calming effect after a hard day. Hug your partner more often to a happy life together.


7. “I love you”.

Utilize this word more often. Say “I love you” more often and make sure you mean it. Look them in the eye and say it whenever possible. Whisper in their ear. Keep reminding your significant half that you always love them and you will always be there for them.


8. Never delay an argument.

Every couple will go through argument throughout their lives. The important point here is, how do you deal with it. Solve it as quick as possible. Solve it before each of you goes to bed. Delaying an argument will only build up negative feelings towards each other. Solve it, and hug each other to bed after that. Forgive each other.


9. Do a “rain” check everyday during work.

Call your partner from time to time through out the day. Send cheeky messages. Connect with each other more often. Get to know how are they doing in their work place. Stay connected as long as possible. But make sure, it does not disturb their work.


10. Don’t feel ashamed  of your partner. Be proud of them in public.

In public, walk straight up and be proud to be seen with your partner. Be proud to have them, be grateful. Appreciate them. Hold them tight, hug them in public and occasionally, show everyone that both of you belong to each other.  



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