How This Malay Guy and a Blind Man Plan to Celebrate Deepavali

Uncle Samy 1

This morning, I was observing this blind man Uncle Samy (58 years old) from Pantai Dalam. He is no charity case. He is a proud kacang seller (see photos in comment). He sells 6 types of kacang-kacang from Ipoh for around 19 years.

I observe him for around 15 minutes. Both eyes are blind. In 15 minutes only 3 people buys from him.


I have some time so I approach him asking him to join me for breakfast. He was overjoyed. He ordered sweet Teh o.I ordered a lot.

As we sat down and ordered I told him that I wish to buy the whole lot. He ask me why and I said why not. He said he works hard. No problem. Banyak lagi orang susah. Kita sihat. Banyak baik Tuhan kasi sama saya Hari ni.

I told him that its near Deepavali, so lets give it away for this coming holiday. He was overjoyed. Whole set cost me RM152. We place it on the table. Every passerby we offer free kacang. People were sceptics. But he is ok. He saud there are many other places to give away.

He lives alone. Daughyer stayed with ex wife. Most family members in Sungkai Perak. Number 4 out of 6 siblings and 3 of them are blind.

Today, he can go back early. That itself to him is blessings today and he is grateful. That is enough for me. All I wanted for myself? I don’t want to eat breakfast alone. And I got a breakfast partner. Yippee.


He nags that I am not married. So I got free lecture on that. Urghhh.

There are many ways for us blessed ones to help one another. Think out of the box.

Syed Azmi small lamb.

Happy Deepavali peeps!

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