How NOT to Treat Your Lady

How NOT to Treat Your Lady
WARNING!! Never ever utter these words nor do the things you’re going to read, unless you plan to end up in a prison or just die alone.

1. “Work? You belong in the kitchen!”

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2. “Shhhhh.. When a man talks, listen.”

3. “Make me a sandwich!”


4. “I own you.”

5. “Don’t you dare raise your voice at me, woman!”

6. “Bitch!”


7. “You sure you know how to operate that complicated machinery, miss?”

8. Treat her like she’s a piece of meat.

9. “You’re just overreacting, it can’t hurt that bad”


10. Finally, put your hands on her because she’s not being “cooperative”.


If you are the type of guy or knows someone that does any/all of the above, you should get some psychological help. They’re human too and feel as much love, fear, happiness and sadness as us guys.