How Much Do Male Japanese AV Actors Get Paid

Taka Kato, also known as “Goldfinger” for reasons we won’t elaborate on, has worked in the Japanese AV industry for 26 years.


He has appeared in 15,000 features and performed with 8,000 women, as well as releasing several book and appearing on numerous TV shows in Japan.

But with all those excitement, how much can a male AV star can earn in Japan? In an interview with News Post Seven, Kato explained the wage structure:

Firstly, male AV stars are paid on a guaranteed system, which is paid in cash each day. For a beginner in the industry this amount can be as low as ¥1000 (about RM36), but  quickly builds up to ¥10,000 (about RM360).

After working his way up (and down and up and down) in the industry Goldfinger began making the maximum ¥70,000 (about RM2,500) a day. Since he began in 1988, he estimates his total earnings to be around ¥300 million (about RM10 million).


Female actresses can earn far more than this of course, with big names such as Sora Aoi able to attract hundreds of thousands of dollars per movie. As American p*rn star Ron Jeremy explains, in this industry men are “Just a prop.”


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