How Malaysians can travel to Boracay for 4 days with only RM900

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1. Book flight tickets from Kuala Lumpur – Kalibo (a city in the Philippines)

If you book few months in advance, the flight ticket will be cheap. In this case, we used AirAsia (during their promotion period) and we got the round-trip tickets for as low as RM135.

The journey to Boracay from Kuala Lumpur: 4 hours of flight (from KL – Kalibo) + 2 hours drive to the jetty + 15 minutes ferry to Boracay Island.

Transport to the jetty cost: 250 peso (RM23)

Ferry cost: 175 peso (RM16)

Kalibo Airport
Kalibo Airport

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2. Book Hotels!

We used to book our hotels and we chose this hotel called Levantin Boracay. It cost us RM160 per night but it was worth it as it comes with a great view as well. It is located along Bulabog Beach and it is only 10 mins walk from D’Mall (The commercial and shopping centre of Boracay).

levantin boracay

levantin boracay 2

But of course you can use any other booking sites or apps to book your hotel.

3. Internet is all you need when you are there

3G Internet (Still better than nothing)


  • 200 peso (RM18) – 2 days
  • 300 peso (RM27) – 5 days
  • 500 peso (RM45) – 7 days

4. Food 

Since we are talking about spending RM900 in 4 days 3 nights and the fact that RM900 is not RM5,000…you will need to be a little stingy when it comes to food.

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Try staying away from ordering crab dishes and other expensive seafood. But you still can have a good meal for about 150 – 200 peso (RM13 – RM17) for each meal.

5. Activities 

Island hoping to Crystal Cove Island which is about 10 – 20 minutes away from mainland, Boracay. It is a good place to enjoy the scenery. Entrance fee is 200 peso (RM18) per person but worth paying to walk around the island with 2 coves at each side of the island.

Crystal Cove Island
Crystal Cove Island

Snorkeling is one of the must do activities in the island. Boracay is 100% crocodile (reptile) free. the place is rich with aquatic resources, you could see a several variety of fishes and coral reefs. The price is about 700 peso (RM62) each but you can definitely bargain.


6. If you want the beers in your belly


We suggest you Shantals Resto Bar. They serve the cheapest happy hour beer on the island. One San Miguel Beer is only 30 peso (RM2.70). The sitting area is on the beach itself.

7. If you want the shopping spree, it’s not going to happen in Boracay

Shopping in Boracay is like saying that Malaysians do not need discounts. Things are pretty pricey in this place and if you really can’t live for 4 days 3 nights without shopping, we suggest you to do your shopping in Kalibo City. In other words, your shopping should be done before you take the ferry to Boracay or after you are done with Boracay as you need to head back to Kalibo City to catch your flight.

DownTown of Kalibo City - Image by
DownTown of Kalibo City – Image by

8. Overall Cost Breakdown 

  • Flight ticket (Roundtrip) – RM135
  • Transport to Boracay Jetty (Roundtrip) – RM23 + RM23 = RM46
  • Ferry (Rountrip) – RM16 + RM16 = RM32
  • Hotel – RM160*3 = RM480 / 2 (share room) = RM240
  • Food – RM200
  • Island hoping – RM18
  • Snorkeling – RM62
  • Beer (Optional) – RM2.70*20 = RM54
  • Souvenirs (Optional) – RM50
  • Terminal fee when heading back to KLIA 2 = RM62

Total: RM899 

Always do bring a little extra cash just in case….

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