Hong Kong clubbers covered in feces after sewer pipe bursts


An exclusive member’s only nightclub located in Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) district has recently been closed until further notice after an unfortunate accident last weekend.

The venue was packed with hundreds of clubbers when a pipe from the second-floor VIP bathroom running directly over the dance floor burst, covering customers with raw sewage.

The story explained by, Raymond Jiang, a 32 year old financial analyst who had been at the club to celebrate the birthday of his female colleague

I had just stepped off the dance floor to grab a drink at the bar. Suddenly, there was a loud cracking sound, followed by screams from the dance floor and a terrible smell. I turned around to observe the scene and was shocked to see most patrons covered in excrement. 

The birthday girl in our group had been wearing a white dress at the start of the night, but now it was completely brown. 

23-year old Agnes Chan was one of the unfortunate clubbers on the dance floor when the pipe burst

The timing was uncanny in that it happened just as the beat dropped; at first I thought it was a jet from the Co2 cannon, but the horrible stench told me otherwise.

The DJ booth was mostly sheltered from the burst pipe, and the visiting Swedish DJ was inspired to play a rather appropriate track as the club was evacuated, opting for a dubstep remix of Van Morrison’s 1967 hit, Brown Eyed Girl.

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