Honest Tokyo citizens hands in RM100m of lost in cash

According to the police in Japan last year, Tokyo citizens have handed over $28 million (RM100m) of lost cash last year  to its rightful owners. 
Upstanding citizens who had chanced upon wallets full of money took a total 3.34 billion yen to their local police officers, a spokeswoman for Tokyo Metropolitan Police told AFP.
One of them according to the Sports Nippon, found a sports bag stuffed with notes worth $155,000 which is enough to buy a Maserati GranTurismo MC or a small apartment in Tokyo.
74% of the total cash found last year was eventually returned to the people who lost according to the spokeswoman. In Japanese law, if something is not claimed after three months, the person who handed it in is allowed to keep it.
The country’s relative security — something many Japanese are proud of — is often remarked upon by visiting foreigners, who swap tales of wallets or passports accidently abandoned in bars or taxis that invariably get returned.

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