Hi, I’m from Sunway University and this is why people hate me now

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Hi, I’m from Sunway Uni. I wanna confess here cause people back at my place kinda hate me now.

Anyways. I was at my friend’s house for a bbq party and was in charge for preparing the meat and marinating it for the bbq at night. I came in the morning to his house to prepare early.

So at his house I asked him where should I put the meat that I brought. He also have some so I asked him where should I store the entire stack of meat (mine + the one he prepared as well).

He told me “everything is at the back”.

So I went to his back garden. There I saw an ice box and some live ducks!! Seriously??? Live ducks!!!!


So I asked him “Seriously??? You haven’t prepare the meat (slaughter the ducks)??

He go “can help do it for me? I need head out to get the drinks and fetch some friends to help out”.

So there I was. Preparing to slaughter the ducks. I went to the kitchen and find the sharpest knife I can find. As the ducks were not tied down, it took me some time to find the ducks, slaughter it and put it into a basin to remove the feather.

*I have experience slaughtering chicken / ducks as i grew up in the village with my grandmother*

At I was kinda rusty at it, my aim got completely wrong and the blood drenched my jeans and my phone is covered with duck blood. I finished up and put all the meat inside the icebox.

Anyways… 3 hours later my friend came home and I have finished preparing. I clean up at his bathroom and came down. (I brought extra cloths). It was about 1pm that time and we all unpack all those bbq kit and prepare all the paper plate and all and put it in the corner and went out for lunch at nearby mamak around 2.30pm.

In the evening my friend suddenly scold me telling me I haven’t defrost the meat and haven’t marinate it. I was shocked and i told him that i did.

He open his fridge and showed me all the meat was still in the freezer in his kitchen.

I told him “what about the ducks??”

He then reply “my pet ducks? What about them?”

Long story short, his definition of at the back is refering to his kitchen and not his backyard. And I might have accidentally murder his pet ducks and we all might have eaten it.

My friend haven’t talked to me since so I need your help……

Does phone warranty cover blood damage to a phone? My phone is spoiled because of the duck blood. And I know water damage doesn’t cover the warranty but what about blood. It’s different right???

By: AZombieDinosaur / UCSI Confession Page

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