Here’s why 44% of Japanese women are virgins

Believe or not, a poll reveals that Japanese people do not have sex as often as we thought


Believe or not, a poll reveals that Japanese people do not have sex as often as we thought. With a booming industry of adult videos, Japan has one of the lowest birthrates in the world. You ask how is this possible. 

Apparently more than 40% of young Japanese single adults are virgins, and a government survey has shown that 3/4 of men are not in any kind of relationship.

The Japanese government are worried about the low birthrate and the knock on effect of an ageing society.

The government survey quizzed more than 5000 single people aged from 18 to 34 about their sex life.

It found that 42% of men and 44% of women had never hard sex. 

The survey also found that 7 in 10 men in Japan were not in a relationship while nearly 6 in 10 women are not having sex.

In the same government survey, 68% of Japanese 18 to 19 year olds are virgins. 




Japan’s apparently low libido sits at odds with the impression many visitors have about the country’s attitude to sex.


Futoshi Ishii, who heads the body that carried out the sex survey said the root of the issue seemed to be the gulf between how people imagine life should be and how it actually turns out.

“They want to tie the knot eventually,” he told the Japan Times. “But they tend to put it off as they have gaps between their ideals and the reality,”

“That’s why people marry later or stay single for life.” Ishii said.

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