He wanted to collect a debt but the borrower, drove right at him


SINGAPORE: It was a terrifying day for Mr. Haresh Govindaraju as his story may look like a scene from a movie.  He was clinging on a moving car, slumped against the windscreen and bonnet for about 5km.

Mr Haresh, a 47 year old technician told  The New Paper yesterday: “I didn’t dare move as I clung to the front of the car. The lines on the road were a blur. “I held on as tightly as I could. I was so terrified that I would end up being run over by the car if I lost my grip.”


It started at King Albert Park in Bukit Timah and ended at a neighbourhood police post at Bukit Batok Eat Avenue 6. His ride of terror was captured on video and the clip was later posted on Stomp (a Singaporean website).


It all stared when Mr Haresh and his two friends had staked out a condominium at King Albert Park that day for a man that had owed them money over an investment deal. The man is believed to be a manger in a credit company who they can’t contact him for 6 months. One of  Mr. Haresh friend had received info that the manager is living in the condo.

In the evening, three of them spotted the manager driving into the condo. They intercepted the driver to force the drive to stop the vehicle. Mr Haresh said he stood in front of the moving car to block it from leaving. “I was confident he would stop. After all, we were childhood friends,” he said. “The next thing I knew, I was hit and I found myself lying face-down on the car’s bonnet.”

Mr. Haresh also said that the driver tried to dislodge him from the car swerving, braking and even turning on the windscreen wipers. The case is being investigated by the authorities.


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