Haunted highways around the world, Karak Highway is one of it


1. E8 Expressway (Karak Expressway), Malaysia


– Karak Expressway is reportedly one of the most haunted highways in Malaysia. There are no real evidence of such but many people who drive late at night claim to see strange creatures such as the Pontianak on this road. This highway is known for many horrifying accident.

2. A38 road, England


– According to legend, phantom hitchhikers have been reported since 1950. One tale holds that in 1958 a lorry driver named ”Harry Unsworth” saw a hitchiker he’d given a ride to earlier to re-appear miles down the road from where he’d dropped him off

3. National Highway 33 in Jharkand, India

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– This road has taken man y lives between Bundu to Tamar (a 40km stretch of the highway). A total of 245 people have died since year 2010. The chief priest of Taimara Ghati Hunuman and Kali Mandi, Suresh Singh Binjiya said a lady walks through the valley at night.

4. Annie’s Road, United States

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– This highway in New Jersey is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a woman killed on the road many years ago.

5. Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland


– Sightings of an old woman dressed all in white who supposedly haunts the tunnel.

6. Boy Scout Lane, United States

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– Boy Scout Lane is a dead end road with no outlet. There are a number of ghost stories and urban legends have been associated with the road. One of the story of the fictional deaths of a troop of Boy Scouts. This area has been a subject to several paranormal investigations.

7. Clinton Road, United States


– This place has been a subject of local folklore that includes several sightings of ghosts, strange creatures and gatherings of witches, Satanists and the Ku Klux Klan. They say that if you go one to one of the bridges at the reservoir and throw a penny into the water, within a minute it will be thrown back out to you by the ghost of a boy who drowned while swimming below or had fallen in while sitting on the edge of the bridge.

8. N9 road, Soutch Africa


– The road is between Uniondale and Willowmore. The story of the ”Uniondale Phantom Hitchiker”, a girl named ”Marie Charlotte Roux” who allegedly died in road accident on a particular stretch of the N9 on April 12, 1968 (Good Friday)

9. A75 road, Scotland


– This road has been called Scotland’s most haunted road by some authors. According to one story, in 1957 a truck driver swerved to avoid a couple walking in the road but when he stopped to investigate the couple had vanished. Other versions of the stories tell of a couple of group of friends driving down the road at night and are constantly harassed by shadow figures from an elderly woman to the back end of a semi  truck that they nearly hit before braking only for it to disappear.

10. Stockbridge Bypass, United Kingdom


– During its construction, security staff allegedy reported encounters with a ghostly monk believed to have been from the Hunshelf Priory.

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