Harvard Scientists Say E-Cig Flavors Can Cause “Popcorn Lung”

Image Source: gizmodo.com
In the weird world of vaping research, it’s hard to find a scientist who isn’t funded by a tobacco company or an anti-smoking organization. However, in a government-funded study, a team of Harvard scientists made a grisly discovery. Candy-flavored e-cig liquid contains chemicals that cause a horrible condition called “popcorn lung.” 

The study revealed that 75-percent of the 51 flavored liquids tested contain the very dangerous chemical diacetyl and two other harmful compounds. The flavors tested “included varieties with potential appeal to young people such as cotton candy, ‘Fruit Squirts,’ and cupcake.” (It’s unclear if the teen-favorite “unicorn puke” was included.) Diacetyl is known to cause bronchitis obliterans, a degenerative and irreversible respiratory condition also known as that often requires a lung transplant. Bronchitis obliterans is also known as popcorn lung.

The name isn’t as visual as it sounds. Its history can be traced back to a case of eight former employees of a factory in Missouri that made artificial butter flavor for microwave popcorn. The workers inhaled diacetyl from the flavoring on a daily basis and developed wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, as well as night sweats and weight loss.

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