Handy Tips for Buying Beauty Products Online

handy tips

There are so many reasons for us to love being able to shop for our beauty goodies on the internet. Aside from the fact that our dressing tables would look a lot bleaker, our beauty routines would also be a little less eventful without it. And all those cult Korean sheet masks and BB cushions that we swear by? We probably wouldn’t have been able to get our hands on half of them if it weren’t for the mercy of online shopping.

While we would never dream of disputing the wonders of stocking up on our cosmetics and skincare products online, there are always some handy pointers that we can take into consideration when it comes to buying products from a non-physical platform. After all, these are things that you’re going to be applying to your face and body so it always pays off to be extra careful before buying.

Here are some of our favourite hacks.

Do Your Research

Especially when buying a product for the first time. Read online customer reviews from websites like Makeupalley and if you’re especially prone to allergies, it helps to run a Google Search on the ingredients list to check if there’s anything within the contents that might give you a reaction. Also, try to shop from reputable websites to avoid accidentally buying counterfeit or used products that can occasionally surface online.

Learn to Love Newsletters

Instead of brushing off newsletters as spam in your inbox, subscribe to a few that belong to your favourite brands or shops and scan through them regularly. Newsletters are usually loaded with useful information on new product launches, discounts and sales, insider tips and exclusive insights that are only available to members or subscribers. It would be a shame to miss out on any of these so definitely have a look through before sending them to your junk mail folder.

Look Out for Savings

Aside from being a hotbed for product discovery and variety, the internet is a great place to score bargains. From discount websites organizing flash sale events for popular makeup brands to shopping platforms that feature deals from beauty websites, there are plenty of ways to save a little extra cash. Some stores even go as far as to offer additional discounts off purchases made on their online platforms so always check out the official sites of some of your favourite beauty brands.

Make Sure Your Item is Sealed

Check that the seal isn’t broken and that the packaging containing the product is in tact. Exposure can not only compromise the quality of the product but it can lead to contamination which in turn, can cause unwanted infections and breakouts. To minimize that risk, make sure that your product is tightly sealed upon arrival and insist on returning or exchanging it if this isn’t the case.

Check the Website’s Return & Exchange Policy

Before you hit the checkout button, have a look the website’s policy page, especially if you’re shopping from a site that is still new to you. Look out for the return time window and other details such as whether the store grants full refunds or store credit, does it provide free shipping for returns and etc. Knowing these beforehand can be really helpful in the event that you’re not too keen on your item once you receive it.

Use Social Media

From product reviews and tutorials on Youtube to beauty looks on Instagram, social media is a great platform to educate yourself about a particular product or shopping website before you make any purchases online. A good tip to keep in mind is that most reputable sites tend to have a strong  presence on social media, with regular updates and interactions between themselves and their followers. Following them on social platforms is a great way to gauge whether or not a site is trustworthy and consistent.

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